Another week... another video!

Are you a digital artist? A non-digital artist? Maybe you're just a fan of pretty pictures? Regardless, I think you'll find this week's video focusing on digital brushes to be interesting.

Modern art software packages provide a way for artists to have a natural drawing experience while also being able to take advantage of features only possible on a computer (like "undo"). Just as a painter uses a brush, digital artists use digital brushes. But, in the digital world, we don't just have brushes capable of looking like oil or watercolor paint. They can also be made up of entire drawings in themselves. With a little creativity and a curious mind willing to experiment, we can do some pretty neat tricks with them!

People like myself who are trying to piece together a large series of complicated images for a book can take advantage of these digital tools to speed up the process. This week's video will show one I recently discovered called a "ribbon" brush. For all you artists out there, I hope you find this tip as useful as I did. For everyone else, I hope you enjoy this look into Dreamside's development. Have a good weekend and see you next time!