Friday video: Hanging with Lisa Brown!

Hey Dreamers! Happy... Saturday... yeah, looks like this week's Friday video came a bit late. But that's because it's so jam-packed that it spilled over into Saturday! Today's video is an archive of my recent Twitch stream with game designer Lisa Brown (@wertle)

If you've been following my video releases for the past few weeks, you probably noticed I've added two new playlists to my YouTube channel. Both feature Livestream archives, one for my solo streams, the other guest streams. The solo streams focus on my own development work. Guest streams invite creative pros from many different aspects of creative production. Usually, I try and find people who do a different sort of work than my own. So far, I've been joined by animator Jesse Baumgartner and musician Michael McCarthy, software developer and content artist Teyon Alexander from Smith Micro, and now Lisa.

Did you know that I did some artwork for a game called "Slow Down, Bull" in 2013? Well, that game was designed by Lisa! We had such a good time working together. So, I hope you enjoy listening to us chat as I develop an image from Dreamside.

Until next time, keep those dreams flowing <3