D.M. Cumbo's Dreamside Chapter 5: The Nest of the Gryndalwing

After four chapters preparing Sarah for her first adventure in Dreamside... 

...she finally gets to spend some time in this beautiful new world. Keep reading for some brief production notes. Some of it may be spoiler territory, so make sure you've watched before reading.

Whew! This was a challenging chapter to complete. Despite dedicating more hours than any other chapter, I still missed the deadline by two days. I want every part of Dreamside to be the highest quality work. Sometimes that means pushing a deadline or two. Ultimately, I'm happy to have spent the extra time. I feel it's reflected in the work.

There are two major story points introduced in Chapter 5. First, Sarah learns one of Dreamside's few "rules." She is able to see a vision of her own grow into existence. Then again, maybe it was always there waiting for her to find it.... What do you think?

Secondly, did you notice the longing in the Dream Girl's eyes as she spoke of the Heart of Dreamside? It looks like we've finally learned a little something about Sarah's mysterious friend. When Sarah asked the Dream Girl to explain just what the Heart is, the answer came in somewhat confusing terms, didn't it? Well, some things are difficult to explain in words.

Moving on to music, you may notice there are two themes in Chapter 5. First, the main theme you hear throughout will be a central theme in the series, Since this is Sarah's first adventure in Dreamside, I wanted the music to reflect the feeling the world gives her. It's a sensational, romantic, and completely overwhelming experience for her. Sarah is seeing something very personal about herself become real... at least she thinks she is. For this piece, I worked closely with Michael. Since Dreamside originally came from my imagination, I felt it was important to be as involved as possible in the writing of this piece. Fortunately, Michael is very patient and allowed me to contribute.

The other song, however, is one of Michael's sole creation. It plays for only a short time while the Dream Girl speaks about the Heart. It's has such a gorgeous, warm progression. Since both songs are very important to the story, they will be returning at different points. Michael is pushing so hard to create powerful and memorable music and I continue to be thrilled with the results.

Thanks as always to Paul for another great editing job on the text and to Lilly for her consistently impassioned narration. 

And, of course, thank you for watching! There's plenty more to come. If you enjoy experiencing this story, please help spread the word!

Come back soon!