Manga Studio Webinar Questions Answered!

Earlier this year, I hosted a Webinar (web-based seminar) with the good people at Smith Micro. The purpose was to demonstrate a few aspects of my working method using Manga Studio, the art software I use to draw the art for Dreamside.

During the Webinar, many questions were asked (60+ in fact!) that we weren't able to address due to time constraints. So, I promised a follow-up video to answer them. The above YouTube post is the result. To people who have waited patiently for it, I'm sorry for the long delay. This format allowed me to take my time, focus directly on the questions, and give substantial answers. If you don't hear your question, I likely merged it with another due to similarity. As always, if you have additional questions, I'm only a few clicks away.

Artists, I hope this properly addresses your questions. Please share this video with anyone who might find it useful.