WayForward's Shantae Comic Concept!

Here's a fun project! Recently, I took a break from working on Dreamside to paint this image based on Shantae by WayForward Tech, a company for which I've done work professionally. Shantae is a great indie video game series with a fun cast of characters and a colorful, expansive world. It's comical, engaging, fantastical and, well... a whole lot of fun.

Before you get excited, this isn't an official project, just fan art. C'est la vie ;)

Besides simply wanting to draw something different from Dreamside, I did this to test my skills with the comic/manga format. It's a challenging one for sure! In fact, as I've alluded to in the past, Dreamside's first foray into the literary world was in manga form. It didn't quite work for Dreamside due to that story's need for expansive narrative text (which doesn't work well in image-centric comics IMHO). But, I'm anxious to try out the manga format again in the future. While it likely won't be for Shantae, this was a fun project anyway! What do you think? Would you read a comic/manga like this sample page?