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The art was graded in three categories: Creativity, Craft, and Appeal. Each category was weighted equally and received a rating out of 10. The scores were added together to determine the artist's total rating out of 90. Let's take a look at what the judges had to say about each piece:

Denae Wilkowski

Denae is a freelance artist and illustrator who has worked for Insomniac Games, Night School Studios, and other private clients.  Her passion is in character design and visual development along with some coffee and cats thrown in there somewhere.  She attended Digipen Institute of Technology for Digital Arts and Animation and is currently working in Los Angeles.

Click here to check out more of Denae's art.

Corey Peagler

Corey began his animation career with Insomniac Games back in 2007 and is currently employed at Blizzard Entertainment in southern California.  His most recent credits include Diablo III: Reaper of Souls and World of Warcraft:  Warlords of Draenor.  He received his BFA in Communication Arts from Virginia Commonwealth University.

Click here to see more of Corey's work here and here.

Nicole Cardiff

Nicole is a freelance illustrator who has worked for Hasbro, Sony, and Reading Rainbow. She lives in Los Angeles focused primarily on painting book covers for a variety of authors. She received her BFA from the Savannah College of Art and Design.

Visit Nicole's website.


Christelle Chan


Creativity: 7, Craft: 9, Appeal: 10

I think this piece is very lovely.  The colors harmonize well with each other and it's just overall very visually pleasing.  I like that the artist put thought into the background elements and not just the characters, such as adding the leaves falling and the water reflection and ripples.  The artist's digital technique is strong and that shines through.  I feel like they portrayed the story and characters very accurately.  Overall a very beautiful image.


Creativity: 8, Craft: 10, Appeal: 9

I love the addition of the leaf/floral elements the artist chose to add to this piece.  The way they are illuminated also adds a certain level of depth and really reinforces the feeling of space behind the figures in the foreground.  The reflection is also a really nice touch as well. The overall craftsmanship is exceptional.  Very clean work and presented on a professional level. I feel this piece resonates well with the overall style of Dreamside, and it reflects an understanding and level of faithfulness to the source material.  The colors, the transitions, the softness and overall style in which it's handled I find to be very appealing.


Creativity: 8, Craft: 9, Appeal: 6

I like the addition of the reflection at the bottom of the piece and the confetti, and the color choices look in line with the IP. I think the text would've benefited from staying lighter value-wise for readability, though, and the blue ribbon of magic is a little distracting from the center of the composition.


Kevin George


Creativity: 8, Craft: 7, Appeal: 8

I really loved the creativity behind this piece.  The colors and mood were very different from most entries, but I feel like it still embodies the heart of the story.  Very mystical and moody.


Creativity: 9, Craft: 7, Appeal: 8

I really love the idea in this entry.  It appears to take a minimalist approach which I find very appealing.  Due to the lighting scheme, it leaves much more to the imagination and creates an element of mystery for the viewer.  There is also a clear, unified focal point and it makes the piece very easy to look upon.  The mood established in this entry is exceptional, and a refreshing idea. Craft is where I'd personally like to see the piece taken a tad bit further.  I believe it accomplishes its overall intent very well, but could be even stronger with some additional love.  I feel the title and logo were somewhat of a missed opportunity in terms of pulling all the visual elements together just a bit more.  However, the lighting is the star of the piece and exceptionally well done. The uniqueness and mood of this entry are its greatest strengths.  I think it does an excellent job of communicating the artists' feelings to the audience, and results in a successfully evocative piece.


Creativity: 9, Craft: 7, Appeal: 6

I love the smoky, moody feel to this one; the spirit being so shadowy and ghostly definitely adds to the piece. I'd like to see a little more color variety, though, with the red of the shirt punched up, and to see the dominant blues tied into the text for color choices.


Kunal Saikia


Creativity: 7, Craft: 3, Appeal: 3

I enjoy the creativity of this piece. I feel like the artist made the characters their own and made a good effort with mostly traditional supplies. With more practice, they will be able to really polish up their abilities.


Creativity: 5, Craft: 4, Appeal: 4

My favorite element of this piece is handling of the logo.  It feels like a conscious choice in an effort to evoke the feeling of a sunset.  That combined with the fiery swirling hair is a nice choice. I think what holds this entry back the most is its craft.  Much of the elegance of the original lineart is lost in the execution of the coloring. Some of the artistic choices presented in this entry appear somewhat arbitrary, and unfortunately it greatly impacts the level of appeal.  With so many elements competing with each other, it's hard to arrive at a harmonious and unified image.  However, with continued practice this artist will surely continue to create even stronger pieces.


Creativity: 5, Craft: 4, Appeal: 3

This one generally needed a little more polish and value structure going on.


Thanks to all our talented artists!

Sorry to all our hard-working artists who didn't make it to the finalist round! We hope you will come back and try again in the next contest!