Friday Video: Dreamside Animated Pilot

Now here's a cool look at Dreamside's history. Waaaaay back in 2005, I made a short animated pilot video to demonstrate how I thought (at the time) an animated Dreamside film could look. It's pretty rough around the edges now. But I was pretty happy with it back then.

This video is an extra-special thank you to fans for helping my YouTube channel reach 500 subscribers. Of course, that thanks naturally extends to you, my most dedicated of followers. As I mention in the video, Dreamside can only be successful through word-of-mouth since it doesn't have the backing of a large publisher. That means YOU are very important to me as an indie creator. Please do continue your support and keep spreading the word. The bigger Dreamside gets, the more books and animations I can create!

Here's hoping the channel can soon reach 1000 subs! Won't that be something?!