We Have Some Catching Up To Do...

Well, it's certainly been a long time since I've posted, hasn't it? Too long, I'd say! Read on for a tasty bit of info about upcoming events concerning both Dreamside's development and the second art contest.

First, for those who haven't yet seen it, Chapter 6 was uploaded recently. I'll be making a separate post to go over some production notes.

I'm busily attending to Chapter 7 as well. I know it's gone a bit off schedule. But, you deserve only the absolute best I can do. Chapter 7 just isn't quite there yet and needs more time. Please be patient with me as I finish this final chapter of Dreamside's first installment in its epic trilogy.

And on that note, my first book is quite close to completion! Naturally, as an indie author, there's much to learn about the many facets of book printing and distribution.

While I have considered the possibility of working with a publisher, I believe strongly in staying indie. It will allow me the luxury of controlling every aspect of the product development. I can make the books exactly how I think they should be, both content-wise and in terms of the physical design. For Dreamside, I want to include some premium features that might be considered too expensive or unrealistic for a mainstream publisher. I don't think it's reasonable to expect a publisher to be as deeply in love with Dreamside as I am. Of course, good publishers take great pride in their work and we have much to thank them for. All the same, will they skimp on the binding to cut costs? Will they deny my request for holographic stamping on the cover? I just don't know...

So, I've moved forward assuming that Dreamside will be self-published

That means talking with book printers! I haven't settled on a partner just yet. Maybe I've mentioned it here or there, but I'm planning to do a crowdfunding campaign to raise money for the printing costs. I want to make this a very special book. A real, one-of-a-kind book that you can cherish and pass along to another generation. There's a strong likelihood I'll be filming parts of the offset printing process so you can get a rare look into the world of high-quality bookmaking.

The second D.M. Cumbo Art Contest starts soon! 

I've got two really exciting prizes. You read that right, there are two prizes this time! But it's gonna be a whole new challenge for round two. Stay tuned over the next week for further announcements...

Looking forward to sharing lots more with you over the next few months. It's going to be an exciting year for Dreamside fans!