Make Your Own Papercraft Dreamprism!

I hope everyone is having a good Valentine's Day so far. I've made a special treat for you! Head over to the downloads page to grab a template for a Papercraft Dreamprism. The above video will show you how to put it together.

As I mentioned in the video, people have been asking if there are plans to produce Dreamprism necklaces like Sarah's. While I think this is a great idea (and very possible in the future), my company just isn't quite ready to take on that sort of manufacturing process. So for now, I hope this will be a good enough substitute ;)

The Dreamprism is a symbol of hope for Sarah and it can be for you as well. I'd love to see pics of your Dreamprism once you put it together so please feel free to share here or on the D.M. Cumbo Facebook page. Happy Valentines Day!