Chapter 2: Skyline Children's Hospital

It seems like only a few days ago that we launched Chapter 1.

It gives me great pleasure to finally put a cap on Chapter 2. This one was a major challenge. If you haven't already, please watch the video before reading further to avoid any spoilers.

All good? Okay. Let's dive into some production notes. A story needs a solid exposition. Dreamside is not a short story so there will be much more information to come about Sarah and the people in her life. Chapter 2 gives a basic look at Dreamside's setting.

By now, you know Sarah's dealing with a serious sickness. You know she's been stuck in the hospital and will likely continue to be for some time. Here, we meet Vincent, her dad, and Dr. Grady, her Oncologist (cancer doctor). It was a lot of work coming up with designs for those two. I must have gone through at least fifty revisions for each. They'll both play an important role in Sarah's journey.

When I talked to Michael about composing music for this chapter, I wanted to make sure we captured a certain emotion. Ever wake from a dream in which you could fly only to wake disappointed? Maybe you've gone on a trip to someplace special and spend the first day back at school or work daydreaming about it? That's how Sarah feels when she wakes from her wonderful dream.

But it ends with a promise. How amazing it would be to see some wonderful character from your dream standing in your doorway, promising to return and take you away... or is that just a side-effect from the medicine?

I'm already hard at work finishing the art for Chapter 3. For now, please feel free to leave me your thoughts and comments about Dreamside so far.