Dreamside Chapter 1 Videobook!


The Dream Garden awaits...

Michael (Orka Veer) and I have been working intently this past month to prepare Dreamside's Chapter 1 Videobook. I'm proud to finally be able to present it to you.

You may notice a different and more complex art style than what you saw in the Prologue. Dreamside features a multitude of visual styles throughout. If you pay close attention to the trailer, you might catch another somewhat nightmarish one...

This chapter marks the first time we see both Sarah and the mysterious Dreamchild in detail. The connection between these two characters is extremely powerful, so it felt fitting to reveal them together. Their relationship will develop and flourish as the story progresses and it should become clear in time just how important Dreamchild is to Sarah... and why they were destined to meet.

If you listen carefully, you can make out one of Dreamside's central musical themes. In a discussion with Michael, I suggested he write a theme that would move listeners' hearts and conjure warm feelings of the promise of Dreamside. We're going to hear this important melody many more times as Sarah's adventure continues. I'm extremely proud of Michael's tireless efforts to get it just right. I hope you'll agree he has written something truly special.

The beautiful narration is performed Lilly Bridge. To me, she perfectly conveys whimsy, mystery, and a sense of wonder through her voice. I feel honored to have her on the project.

Of course, no matter how much effort I put into my writing, it doesn't really shine until my brother, author/editor/teacher Paul Cumbo, gives it a few editing passes. I'm consistently amazed with his ability to tighten and improve phrasings. It only took a short time for Paul's value in the project to become evident.

In time, I'll introduce you to Michael, Lilly, and Paul and we'll learn more about what they do. As for me, I'm already lost in development of Chapter 2. I can't wait to get your reactions to today's release so please post your comments below or on Facebook. You can also send me a message and let me know what you think of The Dream Garden.

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