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Brandishing A Brand New Brand

Added on by D.M. Cumbo.

As the publication of our first book edges closer, one question's been stuck on my mind lately...

...does the company name need a change?

I believe a company's name is extremely important. It should effectively represent the company's image and vibe. In D.M. Cumbo's case, that would be fantasy graphic novels and other artistic works. So, shouldn't the name make you think of those works, or at least represent the way they feel?

After careful thought, I realized "D.M. Cumbo" doesn't accomplish that.

I chose D.M. Cumbo for the same reason an artist signs a finished painting. It lets you know who made it and that they were proud enough of their work to sign off on it.

But it's a bit confusing for people. What does it mean? What do the "D" and "M" stand for? Are there spaces between the letters when you're typing it out? It's hard to visualize when you hear it spoken out loud.

But, what bothers me the most of all is that the name of my company that represents what I create... is, itself, the only thing I didn't create! If I'm spending this much time making sure the work itself is custom-designed down the last, nit-picky detail, I want that work represented by a name and logo made with the same careful thought.

With that in mind, I set out to create a new name. After a lot of ideas and a lot of disappointment regarding those names' availability, I've narrowed things down to one option I feel is ideal...  I've made a logo to go with it, choosing to use a key icon from Dreamside.


I think Dreamprism is a strong name. It conjures up an image of a physical location in which dreams are produced as well as a metaphor for the creative process. In Dreamside, Sarah's Dreamprism serves as a compass directing her through the fantasy world.  To me, it feels just right.

This is a big change and I won't do it if people think it's a mistake. Your opinion on this is very important to me. Attached to D.M. Cumbo? Hate the new name? Thoughts on the design? I welcome all your thoughts in the comments below so please don't be shy!

I'm also posting this question to my social media channels on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram so feel free to respond there instead. There's no formal poll... I'll just gauge people's thoughts based on comments.

If I do move forward with this change, it's going to mean some some changes to social media pages and the homepage here. But this is definitely the right time to do it!

Well, hello there!

Added on by D.M. Cumbo.

It's been awhile, hasn't it?!

First, I'd like to extend a big hearty welcome to our new San-Diego Comic-Con subscribers! It was amazing to attend the show and meet so many folks from all over the world.


Second... I'd like to extend a big hearty apology to long-time fans for the lengthy radio silence. Remember that exciting secret project I told you about..? Huh? Whadya mean, no?! Well, I've spent the past couple years making it a reality and I'm itching to show it off. This company is (for now) a one-man operation so it can take a good while to get projects off the ground, especially when those projects involve setting up complex relationships with video game studios...

The secret project should be announced sometime over the next few weeks. Following that, I'll be launching my first Kickstarter campaign to offer the book directly to you! Since I can't yet reveal the title--contractual agreements and all that--I'll instead give you a general idea of what to expect...

The new project is a 116-page graphic novel based on the world and characters from a popular video game. I've been working hard to ensure the project is done properly with the same level of quality you've come to expect from Dreamside.

Speaking of which... what's happening with Sarah's first book, anyway?! I promise it's still coming, BUT it will need to follow this new project's release. There are many reasons for this, some of which are unfortunately out of my control. I'm sure you know I want the best for the project and I want you to have the best possible version of the book. While this may disappoint long time fans, I believe it's the best option available for Dreamside. Stay tuned as I ramp back up the social media channels (especially YouTube vids!) where I'll explain more.


But! I will have something to offer Dreamside fans much sooner! At Comic-con, I offered four exclusive Dreamside prints. They are 13x19 inch inkjet beauties printed on a super cool metallic silver paper. I still have some left and will be making them available just as soon as I can get my store up and running! Stay tuned for more info...


In the meantime, feel free to reach out! Are you excited about the promise of this new project? Can't wait to get your hands on a Dreamside print (or the whole set)? Want to really chew me out for my long absence? Comment below or reach out to me via my contact page (or hit me up on any of my social media channels).

It's gonna be an exciting and busy fall season ;)