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Amidst a deadly disease, one girl finds meaning in fantasy...

Dreamside follows Sarah, a young girl suffering from cancer.

The seriousness of her illness has, over time, forced her to return again and again to Skyline Children's Hospital under the care of a dedicated, but busy, medical staff. Now, she basically lives in her patient room, isolated from her normal life back home.

Dreaming the Days away...

Sarah's single father has to work extra hours to support her mounting medical bills, forcing Sarah to spend most the day alone. She's rarely visited by her friends from school and the medical staff is far too busy to spend casual time with her. Sarah's time is usually spent staring idly out her patient room window. But, all that boredom has brought out another, more colorful, side of her....

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A Limited World... Limitless Imagination...

Though her sickness makes it hard to stay motivated, Sarah loves to draw. Her artistic flair, propelled by a vivid imagination, allows her to create all manner of fantastical designs.

As she sees the colors form into gorgeous concepts in paper, part of her wishes she could jump into her sketchpad and travel to her secret world of fantasy.

In Nightmares, A Gray Dragon Stirs...

But even her own mind isn't safe. Sarah's dreams are plagued with nightmares. In them, she encounters the terrifying Gray Dragon.

A Colorless Horror

The beast, through gigantic hollow limbs, sucks all the color from Sarah's mental realm and turns it to ash. Many mornings, Sarah wakes in a cold sweat, afraid she's losing hold on both her physical and mental realities.

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in a golden dream, a new friend awaits...

As Sarah sleeps, she meets a mysterious stranger. The young rainbow-haired girl beckons Sarah to join her in a magical world called Dreamside.

Not long after, Sarah is stunned to see the very same girl waiting for her in her patient room. The girl invites Sarah to her hospital bed as it transforms into a small plane. Together, the new friends blasts through the walls and out into the world of Dreamside. There, every possible fantasy awaits, from endless oceanscapes to giant trees stretching through the clouds above.

Dreams Into Reality...

It's in this new, fantasy world that Sarah learns her true goal. As the doctors struggle to heal her body, she will quest across the vast realm to heal a much deeper part of her. At the Heart of Dreamside, it's promised, Sarah will learn her life's purpose. She will discover that even her own powerful imagination lacks the vision to know her true value.

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A labor of love... spanning many years.

Originally conceived as a screenplay for an animated film after creator D.M. Cumbo finished art school in 2003, Dreamside has had a long history and has been transformed into a multitude of formats. Eventually, after years of searching for the right way to tell this epic tale, Cumbo made a decision... Dreamside was to become a trilogy of illustrated graphic novels and kick off the company that would become Dreamprism Press.

Dreamside's epic story will span three gorgeous graphic novels and feature over six-hundred painstakingly-detailed illustrations. The first volume will be made available in 2019 in a Kickstarter campaign. To learn more about the story, make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for updates leading up to the campaign.

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